Services of RailsHouse

Railshouse is an innovative web design and development team of Cogdina Inc focused on building products that satisfy our customers' needs. Whether you want the flexibility and modularity of Ruby on Rails for creating e-commerce, community or corporate site, or a framework for developing a database-backed web application in Ruby on Rails, we have the experience and expertise needed to make your project a success.

We have resources with expertise in 

Rails 4.x -> latest , Ruby 1.9 -> latest
HAML/SaaS or XHTML/CSS based templating
Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, React, Angular, Vue, Gatsby
MySQL, PostgreSQL
Git, Github, Subversion Control
Capistrano, Mongrel, Phusion Passenger
Docker, Jenkins, CI/CD
Heroku, AWS, DigitalOcean hosting
API development.

Our range of services include:

Layout Design:



Dedicated Resources:


We take care of your needs and have long term monthly retainer options.